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Hi cryptopeeps, Hope you are well.
I want to share the video with you.
It was recorded last night with a long-time member and supported of cryptoviewing, a guy named Scott Or Sphinx if you are on our members-only website. so give him a shout-out.

Scots is an avid investor of his time, money, and energy in the growing topic called the Metaverse. And we had a fantastic discussion about the Metaverse, what this is, where we feel it’s going, and how it may look when it gets there.

Scott also showed me around popular metaverse Decentraland, his land holdings, he introduced me to how it works and what you would find and see in this metaverse space. So, if the term Metaverse confounds you – then this will be an interesting introduction to this future space.

I will add Scots details in the comments below so you can shout out and contact him if you’d like to know more. IM, this is all very exciting and full of limitless possibilities.


Sphinx (scott) – a Member of the cryptoviewing members site.
Twitter: @PepeGawd

🔴 Diving Into The METAVERSE – A discussion and demonstration of the Decentraland Metaverse

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