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Is Metaverse just a hype or is it actually the future? Check out below resources to judge for yourself!
Marketing people are quick to sniff out what is on the current trends. And most of the time they are also quick to jump on the new hot thing without understanding the technology or important details of it.ย 

And after I came across this Metaverse map I wanted to dive deeper and understand what metaverse is and what it is not once and for all.ย ย 

00:00 Marketing people will ruin Metaverse
01:05 I will explain Metaverse and Metaverse map that even your mom (and my mom) can understand it ๐Ÿ™‚
01:42 Origin of Metaverse
02:19 Metaverse in 2022: the debate
03:06 Current Metaverse definition 2022
03:45 Matthew Ball: what is not metaverse? and what it could be?
04:55 Cathy Hackl: talked about metaverse before it was cool
06:00 The 3 visions for the Metaverse explained:
07:54 The Map of metaverse explained: 138 virtual worlds

1. Get to know the 1992 origin of metaverse by diving into sience fiction Snow Crash
2. Grab yourself Matthew’s Ball book on metaverse in 2022:
3. Metaverse map all credit is to Metaversed consulting. I am in no way affiliated, just curious to understand and learn more:ย

Thank you for watching! And I am excited to hear in the comments what do you think about metaverse? Do you understand it better now?

P.S. Thumbnail inspiration and base image is from the project by crypto punks avatar project, check them out!

P.P.S. if you grab any of the books, I might earn a a super small commission via affiliate link at no cost to you. Thank you in advance!


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