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In this episode, we speak with Andrew Hawken, CEO of Mesmerise. This is an episode where we get to learn the dynamics and metaverse use cases for Enterprises. Andrew has more than 30 years of experience in the technology world and gives some contextualization around the rise of the metaverse and which parallels it has with technology. He also shares his journey to becoming an entrepreneur and how the metaverse space has evolved over the last decades.

Definitely a great episode for everyone that wants to learn more about entrepreneurship, metaverse trends for the past 5 years, metaverse opportunities/ use-cases for enterprises!

The Metaverse Mentors channel is an educational platform where we want to bring the opportunity of learning about the Metaverse to everyone. Through our weekly Metaverse Podcast, we interview important guests and speakers in the Metaverse and Technology world to get their opinions on a wide range of subjects.
We created this channel to learn about the Metaverse and share this knowledge with you! A lot of people already heard the term “Metaverse” passing by but very few people actually know what is meant with the Metaverse. If you are one of them, subscribe to this channel as we will dive deep into this subject and get to you what is the Metaverse explained.

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