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Battle Infinity is a gaming platform with multiple products including a fantasy sports premiere league and an eco system that hosts multiple P2E battle games integrated with the metaverse world & NFTs called the Battle Arena.

It’s predicted to be the biggest project in 2022 and it’s about to launch!

Battle Infinity website:
Battle Infinity Twitter:

0:00 – Intro
0:21 – Quickest presale in crypto
0:39 – Overview of Battle Infinity and why the hype
1:07 – Battle Infinity products
1:27 – IBAT Premie League & what are fantasy sports?
3:03 – Fantasy Sport industry size
3:18 – The size and scope of Battle Infinity
5:09 – Pancake Swap launch info
5:31 – Launching on Google Play
6:05 – Reasons why Battle Infinity will be bigger than The Sandbox
7:27 – White paper highlights
10:39 – Areas of concern
12:13 – What do you think about it all?

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