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SWEdnesdays with Mr.SWE!!
Born in Brindisi, Italy, Francesco aka Mr. Swe developed a love for music at a very young age. His journey began while listening to his father’s vinyl, cassettes, and cds. At the age of 12, Francesco got closer to the DJ world through friends of his parents–they helped him step up and put the first vinyl down of the night at a party. From there, his passion for music grew. His first interests in music were primarily in reggae, but soon after his love for hip-hop culture grew.

Francesco later started MCing in dancehalls and underground parties with various artists and collectives such as, “Dancehall Terrorists Crew.” Around the same time, Francesco started to produce music from his small garage-based studio. His love for Hip-hop, dub, and experimental music, became the main production focus. Mr. Swe fuses his sound through different software and hardware, while maintaining a love for the world of sampling and experimental synths that hit the left-field bracket of imagination. Mr. Swe currently resides in Mexico and continues to push his music into new territory with a fusion of deep rooted hip-hop, combined with elements of reggae and experimental synthesis.

TRU Band Room is the premier music venue in Decentraland for new and emerging musicians. Since October, 2021, the Band Room has hosted more than 200 shows, across multiple genres, including hip hop, jazz, electronic, R&B, pop, and dance. Artists receive a complete onboarding experience to help enhance their metaverse and web3 presence.

For enquiries about performing in the Band Room, please contact ShelleyVan on Twitter

The Rocking Uniquehorns (TRUs) are 9’990 NFTs rocking on the Ethereum Blockchain, randomly generated by combining over 300 regular, legendary and ultra rare traits.




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