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Giants Planet

A one-stop shop where users buy, sell and earn across many different types of real-world assets. The marketplace will be a bridge for Web2 brands to enter the …

Blockchain-Powered Phygital Ecosystem
We wish to drive forward a new Phygital economy with blockchain technology by bringing real-world value to the Web3 space.

Fully Gamified Experience
Inspired by mechanics of Explore-to-Earn, we deliver a gamified experience where players can earn rewards and nurture their game avatar.

Community-Driven Manifesto
Rallying like-minded individuals to build a strong foundation of Giants community who share aligned vision and values with the team.

Transact with Real-World Assets
From co-living spaces, F&B memberships and daily lifestyle products, we collaborate with iconic Web2 giants to bring real-world value in a brand new fashion.

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