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Real estate in the metaverse? Is there a significant difference between real-world real estate and real estate in the metaverse? In this video, let us look into how much real estate in the metaverse is.

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Matt Theriault

Key Moments In This Episode
00:00 Intro & Summary
00:17 How Is Real Estate Metaverse Doing Now
01:11 How Similar Is Real World And Metaverse Real Estate In Terms Of Pricing
01:38 What Is Harder To Predict With Virtual Real Estate
02:28 Why Is Location An Important Characteristic Of Metaverse Parcels
02:53 How Important Is Size In Metaverse Parcels
03:18 What Is The Significance Of Utility In Metaverse Parcels
04:10 How Are The Prices Of Virtual Real Estate Doing This Year
04:41 Why People Are Throwing So Much Money At Virtual Real Estate
05:42 What Is The Future Of Metaverse Real Estate
06:38 What Is Certain About The Metaverse Real Estate
07:24 What Should You Understand About Metaverse Real Estate
08:03 What Can You Do Right Now

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What Is Metaverse Real Estate

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Matt Theriault has been investing in income real estate using creative acquisition and exit strategies and showing others how to do it for more than a decade! His reasoning? If you know something that could help somebody, itโ€™s just not cool to keep it to yourself. So, he created Epic Real Estate to help the average person create a better life through real estate investing.

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