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JoinIvan Pravdin, Portrait XO, Thomas Haferlach a workshop on Hybrid Art and the Metaverse of Things titled “How artists can co-create with AI.”

Zora’s Metabolism hackathon is a virtual space for creative experimentation, bringing together some of the world’s best creators from a broad variety of categories and inviting them to design new digital spaces, on-chain tools, artistic experiments and more. Web3 is both one of the biggest paradigm shifts since the advent of the internet age and an ever-evolving inquiry into the societal possibilities of creative technology: no matter if you are a developer, an engineer, an architect, a musician, a theorist or seasoned NFT artist – we invite you to build hyperstructures with us with focus on NFTs, on-chain music ecosystems, a new generation of DAOs and Zora’s vast ecosystem of tools and smart contracts.

Let’s build. Let’s create. Let’s imagine – together.

From August 4 — 10th, 2022 we invite you to build the future creative on-chain ecosystem with the ZORA Protocol and ETHGlobal

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