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Welcome to J-STORIES channel, a source of solutions offered from Japan that could help solve some of the social and environmental problems in the world.

This week’s line-up: Edible insects, Mall in the metaverse

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【Full Script】

Hi, I’m Toshi Maeda… and welcome to J-Stories, where ideas and technology from Japan help solve global social and environmental problems. Here’s a quick look at this week’s J-Stories!
/// Story 1 ///
On today’s menu of news from Japan is an unusual dish requested by high-school students for their cafeteria … dumplings made from cricket powder.

The students are interested in insects as an eco-friendly source of protein.

And they are not the only ones. There are now 42 locations in Japan with vending machines selling bug snacks.

Popular purchases are chocolate-coated grasshoppers and other apple cider made with extract of giant water bug.

Insect delicacies have even found their way into capsule dispensers.

It seems Japan really has got the bug for edible insects!

/// Story 2 ///
Coming to you from rural Japan is a new shopping mall – with a twist.

It’s a great place to buy local specialties like fish or noodles, chat with shopkeepers or friends, visit the bank, or just take in the hustle and bustle.

Nothing so unusual there, you might think. But this shopping mall exists only in the metaverse!

It’s Japan’s first virtual shopping mall, and attracted 1800 (eighteen hundred) people in just a week.

Visitors create an avatar which they use to stroll around via their computer screen.

Many traditional shopping malls are in rural, depopulated regions of Japan with aging populations.

But the creators of this metaverse mall are hoping it will attract a younger group of customers.

That’s all for this week from J-Stories. Please visit our website at J-Stories.Media for more details on these stories. Thank you for watching, and stay tuned for more solutions and inspirations from Japan!

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