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Mechanism Capital born and raised through the digital revolution and educated in online forums, they are children of the internet. They have never met each other in meat space, only in the metaverse. They connected through various online crypto communities and are bound together by a shared vision of a future that is revolutionized by programmable value, fueled by permissionless innovation, and governed by popular sovereignty. 
At their core is a relentless focus on mechanism design. They have witnessed firsthand how design models can make or break decentralized protocols, and believe that it is vital to critically analyze the complex economic structures that underlie these fledgling systems. 

Bitkraft Ventures, a venture capital fund focused on esports, gaming, and interactive media
Bitkraft Ventures is betting that video games will continue to gain a share of consumer entertainment time and discretionary spending. Titles like Fortnite and Minecraft define modern pop culture and have become social networks and economies of their own.
Bitkraft’s investments include Playable Worlds, a cloud-native sandbox massively multiplayer online game maker led by Raph Koster; Manticore Games, developer and operator of Core, which enables amateur game creators to build games easily; and Bit Fry, an arcade-action sports video game developer making accessible sports games under licenses with entities like the NBA.

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