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Shiba Inu has just announced it’s partnered with major AAA Studio “The Third Floor” for the development of SHIB The Metaverse. This Studio is responsible for animation for Disney blockbuster titles such as the Avengers among a host of other accolades.

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Shiba Inu Coin (actually it’s Shiba Inu Token), is a decentralized community project. The Shiba Inu cryptocurrency runs on the Ethereum blockchain and is supported by the other ecosystem utility tokens of LEASH token and BONE token. Shiba Inu has a DAO (Doggy DAO), where the community can vote on what projects to implemement. The original Shiba Inu NFT project is the Shiboshis collection which is being developed into a AAA game which will run on mobile devices as well as a blockchain Shiba Inu play to earn version.

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