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Making a Metaverse is back with a brand new episode. In this episode, Dan Pope and Robbeh Cochrane are joined by Omar Ghanem, Head of Gaming at @PolkastarterGaming , to discuss how to create blockchain games that are actually worth playing. The key is to make blockchain games both accessible and… wait for it… actually enjoyable to play. With such seasoned competition from traditional gaming titans like Sony, Microsoft, and Steam, we discuss how this emerging market can step up and win.

Of course, there’s time for a couple of Dan’s patented Mark Zuckerberg Jokes of the Month (including a truly original gag that Rob doesn’t understand) and a competition to enter for a chance to be one of the first to enter the Cryptoverse.

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The Cryptoverse is a 3D virtual world that is built in the Unreal Engine and underpinned by blockchain technologies. Within the Cryptoverse, users will be empowered to create, own and monetize experiences using $CGG, the utility token which also underpins the ChainGuardians and ChainBoost ecosystems.

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