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James Hsu–CEO and Executive Producer of VRLU–was a recently a guest on the incredible business-focused podcast, Entrepreneur Escape Pod. Watch as Hsu discusses virtual reality, business theory, the metaverse, and more with host Melissa Rittenhouse.

Entrepreneur Escape Pod is for anyone interested in learning about the multitude of ways to create a career for yourself outside of a traditional 9 to 5. As well as, anyone who is inspired to learn from others and take action towards their goals. I interview a wide variety of people from entrepreneurs to artists to digital nomads so we can learn from them and expand our perspective on work in the digital age. I’ll also share with you my thoughts on newsworthy topics on anything related to remote work.

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Wondour is a design and innovation firm that designs and builds world-class custom software and hardware products in pursuit of a better world. Our team lives in the world of virtual reality, augmented reality, blockchain, mobile and web apps, hardware design, iOT, metaverse experiences, and more.


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