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Welcome to our Metaverse Land video!

Stage 1 of a large long-term project focused on creating the Metaverse Martian Colony.

5,555 unique NFTs – 3D Martians. Each Martian can be used in the unique Metaverse Martian Colony.

General Info
The Martian Colony represents a collection of unique, hand-drawn, and randomly generated 3D models. The collection is stored in ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

Project Overview
Stage 1 of the project represents 4 out of 8 total Martian races. Each race has a history and role on Mars. Once the Stage 1 Martians are sold out, Stage 2 of the project will follow. The remaining 4 Martian races will be introduced, and personal vehicles (hovercrafts, cars, motorcycles) will be available forpurchase.

Life in Metaverse
In the Martian Colony Metaverse, you will purchase apartments, houses, land, vehicles, etc. You will visit shops and galleries, befriend other Martians, compete for new Martain NFTs (land, cars, hovercrafts), sell your own NFTs, and more. Here, you will live a virtual life beyond your wildest terrestrial dreams!

The main goal of the Martian Colony project is the unique Metaverse which we have already started to create. In this Metaverse, you can use the NFT Martian as your avatar. Through your avatar you will be able to explore Phobos, the first major city in the Martian Colony. You will be able to fly over the city in a personal hovercraft, discover the city, and explore the Martian landscape around it, etc.

The Martian Colony is an OpenWorld Metaverse based on blockchain technology with active use of NFTs. It represents a unique project – exceptional for its original concept of fictitious life on Mars and its futuristic portrayal of the infrastructure and architecture of Martian cities and the ecosystem of Mars. At the same time, original games can be played within the Metaverse, in which you may earn additional NFTs for a fractional price. All NFTs, both purchased and won, can be offered for sale.

Life in the Metaverse revolves around 3D Martians. There are 8 unique Martian species. Each race has its own characteristics and an essential role on Mars. However, as the owner, you can try to change this predetermined role (by various means) and thus reach a higher rank on the social ladder of Mars. Your goal may even be to attain a position in the Mars Colony Government.

Race 1: Labour (2,222 units)
The most populous race on the planet. The Labour Martians do the hard physical work, are very efficient, and usually work in teams. They live in the worst social conditions, typically near large factories or surface mines. They are not aggressive, but they are often tired and lack cheer.

Race 2: Civilian (1,666 units)
This race represents a large portion of the total civilian residents on Mars. They are very diverse; their characteristics range from regular Martians to the newly rich.

Whitelist information
Get guaranteed access to the mint for the “early bird” price.
Join our Discord server and follow the eligibility requirements.
Stay engaged, invite people, participate in giveaways, and get in early!


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