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Updating all my video in Tower Heroes
Update no. 11

Next update Oddport Academy
Maybe tommorow again πŸ™‚

Guide How I to SOLO Metaverse Madness
First – Autoskip On
Place 4 level 1 cat
Farm while defending with Maitake
Place Maitake Exactly where I place it (Arround the loop)
If Glitchduke is spawning make Maitake that is in the loop to lev2
If Glitchduke is many Maitake to lev3 Then continue to up farm

If you placed Maitake both Level5 and max farm
time to place scientist but make a space for spectre like in the video so if you max spectre later on it will reach all wizard

Place only 11 wizard level5 then max spectre
Continue to max wizard ability

(Spectre boost do it when you see a one or two wizard starts to hit)
and then do it if available (Spectre Boost)

Then wait if wizard and some scientist is not hitting anymore
Hero Data sell all heroes and quickly place 5 scie and upgrade fast
then place spectre max and place wiz one and try to max its ability

Thats it hope you enjoy πŸ™‚

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