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Co-hosts Eric Swartz and Leah Satlin of Lowenstein’s Tech Group interview Shadow Factory’s Founder and Group Chairman Amit Chatterjee and Chief Metaverse Officer Lewis Lupton. The Shadow Factory group of companies consists of a full-service digital creative agency and a gaming studio that specializes in developing interactive media, VR/AR content, Metaverse creations, NFT projects, and blockchain solutions. They discuss the Metaverse, the difference between a virtual abundance ecosystem and a virtual scarcity ecosystem, and the fast growing area of GameFi, where play-to-earn blockchain games offer crypto and NFT awards to players who successfully level up by completing in-game tasks.


Eric Swartz, Senior Counsel, The Tech Group Leah Satlin, Counsel, The Tech Group Amit Chatterjee, Founder and Group Chairman, Shadow Factory Lewis Lupton, Chief Metaverse Officer, Shadow Factory

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