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Metaverse: untapped business opportunity or another hype?” is an event to provide CVA community and the audience beyond with an introduction to the concept, explain what are the current trends, analyse potential opportunities and present a real business use case.

After this event the audience will know the concept, technology convergence, examples, trending Metaverse approaches, the function of NFTs in the Metaverse context and much more. There is lots of ground to cover as we aim to create a good overview, which is crucial to understanding the individual pieces of this fast-growing industry.

At the end of the event, crypto wallet YouHodler will show their live marketing initiative Treasure Hunt in Decentraland.

Christoph Ebell, founder of Arcade Digital
Vaida Saltenyte, Head of Partnerships at YouHodler
Gustavo Salami, Partner at Kuble AG
Dimitris Neocleus, UK and EU Ecosystem Manager of VeChain Europe

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