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Muharram 1444 | PT8 | Letting social media & the metaverse raise us? | SH Jaffer Ladak

We are pleased to announce that, in Muharram, we have, for the first time, partnered with Ahlulbayt Islamic Centre and Leeds Muslim Youth Group to host a 12-night lecture series to remember the martyrdom of Aba Abdillah. Starting on Friday 29 July 2022, at 8 p.m. the first 10 evenings will be held at the Ahlulbayt Islamic Center (35 Hanover Square, Leeds, LS3 1BQ). The Baab will host the Ashura program and any majalis that come after.

Beginning on Saturday 30 July 2022, at 5.45 p.m. The Baab will also host a series of 10 lectures *exclusively for women. *

All of you are kindly asked to arrive on time.

Please message 07813037441 if you are interested in sponsoring tabaruk or Ashura Day Niyaz.

Car Parking Notice for Ahlulbayt Cultural Centre, 35 Hanover Square, Leeds LS3 1BQ

There is plenty of off-street parking around Hanover Square. There is, however, free parking at the Joseph’s Well office, which is only a four-minute walk from the Ahlulbayt Cultural Centre. This message contains a link to the parking lot.
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