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Playboy In The Metaverse? The virtual version of the luxury label Playboy has teamed up with the Sandbox to launch “MetaMansion.”

The luxury lifestyle brand Playboy’s Web3 offerings include an NFT collection, and the game will add social and programmed events to holders’ calendars. MetaMansion’s launch in the Sandbox Game is a key move for holders of Rabbitars NFTs.

The Rabbitars NFT project consists of 11,953 tokenized bunnies that averaged $800 for a single digital collectible in October 2021. The launch date is yet to be determined and will be announced soon.
At press time, the floor price of Rabbitar NFTs on the OpenSea marketplace is 0.19 ETH, approximately $206. The floor price has declined nearly 75% since the collection’s launch in October 2021.
Sandbox announced that plots neighbouring the MetaMansion of Playboy will be up for sale by the end of Q3 2022. When Snoop Dogg announced Snoopverse in the Sandbox metaverse, a Web3 enthusiast paid $450,000 to be the legendary rapper’s neighbor. A similar event could repeat once Sandbox announces the sale of plots neighboring the MetaMansion.

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