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Today’s episode includes one of my many great interviews from the Metaverse Expo 2022 in Las Vegas last weekend.

RJ White is an entrepreneur, successful businesswoman, and owner of two professional basketball teams.

RJ shares her background and how she knew she wanted to be a professional basketball owner when she was just 6 years old. We discuss how she built a massive social media following… her future goals… and how she encourages young women to pursue their dreams.

We also cover how sports branding will work in the metaverse… and the enormous potential ahead.
RJ’s journey to becoming a basketball team owner [1:50]
How to build a massive social media following [3:55]
RJ’s next goal: Own an NBA franchise [6:20]
How to inspire young girls/woman today [10:32]
How to build a brand in the metaverse [11:50]
A recap of my Metaverse Expo keynote [15:20]

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