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Professor Egghead’s Metaverse Adventure is a narrated creepypasta series about virtual reality, incomprehensible eldritch beings and everyone’s favourite academic, Professor Egghead.
This is the fourth episode.
Written by Mike Jesus Langer.
Narrated by Mike Jesus Langer and Sean Brodeur
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Apologies if this sounds weird or scary but:
CreepyPastas are the new pulp horror of the internet. All sorts of spooky and creepy things can happen in the scary world of a creepy pasta. These are the audiobook versions of those scary, scary stories. If you’re looking for a bedtime spook as you drift off to sleep you can’t go wrong with a NoSleep narration. Did I mention these things are pretty spooky? And from NoSleep? Yep. That’s exactly what they are.

#Creepypasta #professoregghead

Music by:
Dark Side of Music:
Karl Casey @White Bat Audio
Petar Mrdjen:

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