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Here’s what happened in the #metaverse this week #shorts
July 15, 2022
Samsung launched “Space Tycoon”, a metaverse experience that allows visitors to create, play, and buy virtual items. Built on the Roblox platform, Space Tycoon is designed to give Gen Z customers a chance to experience Samsung products in a way they have never done before.

The Spanish government will offer grants to companies that invest in metaverse development. The program is also open to EU businesses and individuals. Priority is given to gaming and video entertainment companies because of their close link to the metaverse.

And finally, Playboy’s famous party house will soon have a digital home. The iconic magazine has teamed up with The Sandbox to launch the “MetaMansion”, a new social gaming experience in the metaverse. Playboy sees Web3 technologies as a possible new chapter in its future.

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