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Lim May-Ann, Director of the Fairtech Institute, explains to us why the Metaverse may very well be the next frontier for human exploration.
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0:00 Introduction
0:08 Quickfire Questions
0:54 What does Fair Tech Institute and the Asia Cloud Computing Association do?
1:34 What exciting projects are you or both institutions currently working on?
2:54 What the metaverse is?
3:41 What would you say draws people into participating in the metaverse?
4:26 Would you say that communities in APAC necessarily hold different attitudes towards the Metaverse as compared to the West?
5:53 Do you think that metaverses can still survive for much longer?
6:38 How would you describe Singapore’s(the Association’s) view on regulating the web3 space?
8:00 How do you think regulations can apply in this space while still maintaining this aspect of decentralisation?
9:21 Would you say that state regulations in the web3 space will be the key towards growing the crypto / blockchain industry?
10:46 Do you think web3 and the metaverse will indeed form the future for human interaction? Or will it fizzle out in time?

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