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TiiQu network members Alex G. Lee and Isabella Wang launch the second global metaverse innovators roadshow. The event gathered 9 exceptional innovators and innovations: nothing better for exercising our brain in a time when openness to change is not an option but the most required attitude.

Antonio Squeo, CIO at Hevolus Innovation
hVERSE: The first global level platform for generating metaverses autonomously
Antonio will present hVERSE (The Metaverse is ready for you! (, the ready-to-go metaverse. hVERSE is the 1st
global level platform for generating metaverses autonomously by accessing the web 4.0 in a low-code key. It is a solution that
creates phygital contents and spaces on any touch point of the company, recreating access and human interaction experiences,
enhancing them, personalizing them and measuring every aspect of them.

Alexandr Boronin, CEO and Co-Founder at CollectiveWeb
CollectiveWeb: Metaverse Collaboration Platform For Business
Alex will present Collectiveweb metaverse by focusing on 2 main topics: 1. High quality interactive web experience for
enterprise meetings, education & presentations. 2. Metaverse as an utility NFT for web3 market.

Dante Reminick, Head of Investors Relations at SolidBlock
Dante is a builder and investor in the blockchain and web3 space. He has led projects with startups all over the world building NFTs, real estate tokenization, DeFi initiatives, decentralized social media’s, and more. Like everyone here, he believes tremendously in the technology behind NFTs and the metaverse and sees this as the next step in global innovation.

Rolf Illenberger, CEO at VRdirect GmbH
VRdirect Platform: An enterprise-grade, no-code Virtual Reality platform
Rolf will present the VRdirect platform and customer use cases.

William B. Choi, CEO and Co-Founder at Vinoverse Inc.
William will present the Vinoverse ecosystem by focusing on the state of the wine industry and how Web3 will change the way
we market, buy, and sell wines in the tokenized economy. How wineries and retailers engage consumers in the virtual economy
through gamification. And finally, how the merger of both the physical and virtual wine worlds truly creates long-lasting retention,
increasing value and scale.

Alexander Landa, CEO & Co-Founder at AKIVA Metaverse
AKIVA Metaverse: An immersive learning platform
Akiva ( enables children with special needs to develop their unique abilities with Akiva, a virtual reality
education service.

Jake (Jakob) Soderberg, CRO at SynergyXR
Corporate Metaverse No-code Platform
Jake will briefly introduce the SynergyXR platform and his definition of the Corporate Metaverse. As CRO (Chief Revenue Officer) he is keen on talking about the value the technology delivers to a wide range of companies in different industries. With
more than 25 years of experience within international complex B2B sales he has a strong focus on the value proposition and
tends to focus more on this than the technology.

Husam Yaghi, Group VP at Mawarid Media & Communications Group
Dr. Yaghi will present an overview of the first commercial metaverse project (Orbit World Metaverse) in Saudi Arabia to support
brick-and-mortar businesses of the group. The Orbit World Metaverse provides virtual services in healthcare, connectivity,
entertainment, education, smart home, e-commerce, and fintech.
Nick Cherukuri, CEO & Founder at ThirdEye
AR/AI Platform for Sustainable & End-to-End Metaverse Applications
Nick will present about ThirdEye’s background and applications in the Metaverse space.

Today’s moderators are:
Alex G. Lee is a technology innovation professional with nearly 30 years of experience and expertise in high technology, recognized ESGs expert, and a passionate Metaverse advocate. He is TiiQu U.S. Ambassador and co-organiser of a number of TiiQu Talks

Isabella Wang is a Futurist, Entrepeneur, Speaker and Author of the book ‘The Digital Mind of Tomorrow’

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