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We are glad to know that you are interested in our services

Please be apprised , we offer 6 services at present which are being described below :

1. Trader Plan : 2 Short Term Picks every month with entry and exit levels

2.Investor plan : 2 Short Term & 2 Long Term Picks.

3. Portfolio Management Service (PMS) – If you decide to opt for this service you have to fill a form and also inform us about the amount you want to invest in a year and you wish to remain invested for how long. Basis your financial needs and health , we would create a portfolio for you which will give you amazing returns and would help to achieve your financial goals.Buy recommendations would be given via whats app by your dedicated relationship manager , also you will be able to have a video call or telephonic call with Shefali Mam once every quarter.Quarterly performance report is shared.

4.Liquid Management Service (LMS/ SCLMS) – If you decide to opt for this service, you should have INR 5 – 50 lakh at one go and we would help you generate monthly income by making you trade with that amount. Buy Sell orders with quantity & price are given via whats app during trading hours by your dedicated relationship manager. Month end performance report is shared.

5. Multibagger Plan (MBP) : Our Multi bagger Plan offers you Value Investing/Fundamental investing in Small Cap & Mid Cap Stocks which are undervalued and having potential to grow manyfold returns in coming times.Every Stock need time to nurture and grow to give you returns manyfold as market having time to time consolidations and corrections.

6.Equity Portfolio Review Service/Mutual Fund Review Service One time review of your existing portfolio and recommendations based on review.
Please do let us know , in which service you are interested and we can share further details.

In case of any query , Please get in touch with us on Whtsapp @ + 91 98216-11667
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