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We had Nina (Ninocence) on this creator-centric episode of NewForum.
Nina is a Multimedia Artist, 3D Animator, Photographer, and Filmmaker transferring IRL people into the Metaverse. She has produced work for celebrities like Rick Ross, DaBAby, Tommy Cash, and many more.We had in-depth conversation about Avatars and Digital Humans, AI Art, Fashion Photography, Music, Web3 Culture, and Metaverse business ventures in the NFT space.

Here is an overview of our conversation with Nina on this episode of NewForum!
🎯Nina talked about how her journey as a multimedia artist began.
🎯What were her influences and inspirations?
🎯The Metaverse plays a significant role in Nina’s work. She defined the Metaverse from her perspective and explained what it means to transfer IRL people into the Metaverse.
🎯She also discussed three insights on the business opportunity for the Metaverse and how we can use our NFTs in the Metaverse.
🎯What is the difference between Avatars and Digital Humans? And how does Nina foresee them becoming an extension of us in the future of identity? We also discussed the potential unintended consequences of the Metaverse.
🎯Nina also talked about a historic project she is working on, making a Metaverse division for a real-life modeling agency! We can’t wait until the public release.
What is AI Art? And how are machines expanding human creativity? Watch her full interview with her well-articulated answer from her experience.

We brought this motivational and insightful episode to a conclusion, with Nina sharing her transparent views on Web3 and whether or not she is content with how the space is evolving. She also shared suggestions on areas that need improving in the evolution of the Creator Economy. Nina discussed her final thoughts on what she looks forward to the most in Web3.

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