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The Wampler Metaverse delay pedal is truly a do-it-all echo box, seamlessly merging the power and versatility of a workstation-type pedal with the simplicity of a traditional delay stompbox! Each of the Metaverse’s 11 modes was personally curated by Brian Wampler to replicate some of his all-time favorite delays, from pristine digital tones to flanged-out modulated echoes. What’s more, full MIDI functionality offers enhanced control over your settings, and you can even control the Metaverse’s parameters with an outboard expression pedal for wild real-time improvisation. Check it out!

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0:00 Intro
1:34 What It Is
2:43 Analog
3:20 Wet
3:56 BBD
4:37 Jet
5:00 The Doctor
6:06 FTE
6:50 Ethereal
7:45 Mod
8:20 Space
9:20 Tape
10:09 Digital
10:40 Expression Pedal
11:15 Additional Features
12:19 Outro
13:06 Thanks For Watching!

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