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If you’re an avid listener of this podcast, you will have learnt about the metaverse from countless different guests who have shared their insights. But for this week’s episode, I am speaking with someone who is actually building their own metaverse. Meet Jimi Daodu – founder of Vault Hill, and one of the most humble entrepreneurs I’ve met. Jimi and his team are on a mission to create a human-centric metaverse that is set to revolutionise the way we interact digitally. Jimi and I talk about the future of the metaverse and why it matters, the evolution of VR headsets, investing in companies, investing in NFTs, and so much more! Jimi also shares some insights into his entrepreneurial journey and how he keeps the wheels of his tech startup turning.

Discussion points
02:49 What is Vault Hill
05:23 Why the metaverse matters
11:50 Education in the metaverse
13:10 Evolution of VR headsets
15:10 Investing in companies
16:38 The volatility of NFTs
19:58 How Jimi started trading crypto
28:37 Raising money for the metaverse
34:20 Investment raised
35:02 How people will benefit from Vault Hill
37:04 The price of production
39:30 Sales structure
40:57 Dealing with emotions
45:34 Weaknesses

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Spencer Lodge

Jimi Daodu

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