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This digitalized epoch has introduced the metaverse, allowing people to do their tasks or work virtually. And as technology advances, the real estate realm is also improving. How? In this video, I will talk about what is metaverse real estate.

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Matt Theriault

Key Moments In This Episode
00:00 Intro & Summary
00:40 How The COVID-19 Changed Real Estate Investment
01:21 What Is Metaverse Real Estate
02:24 How Is The Value Of Real Estate In Metaverse
03:03 How Does Metaverse Work For Investors
03:38 How Is Money In The Digital World
04:34 How The Prices Are Affected In The Digital World
05:21 How Purchasing Metaverse Property Works Compared In Real World
06:35 What Can You Do If You Plan To Invest In Metaverse Real Estate
07:00 How Is The Market Value Of Metaverse Real Estate
08:24 What Should You Consider Before You Make Any Investment Decision
09:08 What To Do If You Need Someone To Work With And Become Successful

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