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It is a digital world that has the capacity to look like the real world. This platform will allow you to do virtual activities like you do in the real world, like shopping, playing games, traveling, selling stuff, selling and purchasing lands, musical events, shows etc. The opportunities are unlimited. This is why it is also known as the virtual world.

#Facebookโ€™s Meta is developing its VR social media concept. #Robolox is a user-generated video games platform. On the other hand, Sandbox is huge and offers games, events, #NFTs, and selling and purchasing lands with the help of #cryptocurrencies. The most common technology being used on this platform are #VR, #AR, #NFTโ€™s, #dapp and #DAO which are part of #Web 3.0 infrastructure. It’s huge. However, there are the platforms such as #Fortnite, a gaming platform that does not emphasize using the spaces vow VR or AR. It allows access to those spaces via PCs, game consoles and even phones-have started referring to itself as the metaverse. In a nutshell, the mentioned #technology aspects are connected with each other under the umbrella of Web 3.0 In my upcoming videos, you will learn more about the #Metaverse and technologies associated with it in detail.

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Disclaimer: The content of this video does not claim the actual functioning of the metaverse. However, It is based on the possibility and probability which is an outcome of the available insights (Blogs, journals, videos etc.) about this technology online.

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