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โ€œTo the Vergeโ€ had an insightful conversation with Kavya Pearlman, Founder, and CEO of the XR Safety Initiative (XRSI), who shares her views on privacy and safety concerns of immersive technology.

In 2019, Kavya founded XR Safety Initiative (XRSI), focusing on helping build a safe and inclusive immersive technology. The organization is vocal and active in working towards concepts such as privacy, ethics, safety, security, cyber security, and inclusion.

Kavya aims to erect a future space where privacy, safety, ethics, security, and cyber security are always at the forefront. Our interaction with kavya transformed our perspectives on how privacy and safety can be a risk to immersive technologies and require immediate attention.

Read the full conversation here:

Video Timeline:
02:18 – 08:12 โ€” About XR Safety Initiative
08:17 – 15:48 โ€” Privacy And Security as a Risk in XR
15:50 – 20:48 โ€” Increase in The Vulnerability of Metaverse
20:49 – 25:30 โ€” XRSIโ€™s Take on Privacy and Safety Setbacks
25:31 – 27:25 โ€” How Metaverse is Built on a Solid Foundation of Diversity Inclusion
27:26 – 29:52 โ€” Future of Our World With Vigorous Technologies And XRSIโ€™s Role In It

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